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From Cracow to ...


I dream about a trip to Sankt Petersburg (formerly Leningrad). I want to see also castles on eastern Borderlands of the Second Polish Republic (today on Ukraine/Belorus). It'll be nice to go across Slovakia to Hungary and then throught Austria, Prague (Czech Republic) back to Cracow.

In 2005 or 2006 my wife and I would like to go along "El Camino de Santiago". What's that? - You could ask. Here You are the answer:


A trip from Szczecin to Braniewo - along polish sea coast. Regions in eastern border of Poland are also very interesting.

I hope once I find time to go all around Poland as close as possible to the border line of our country. Here You can find detailed route - unfortunately in Polish only. But on the bottom of this web page are bolded names of obligatory towns/cities/villages to go to. The route around Poland is 3532 km in length. If I only find cash and time to go, I would try to go to this trip - alone or with someone else.

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