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Old bike took out from cellar

My neighbour gave me an old bike. Yestarday I went to the cellar and made some repairs. I had to change both tyres and braking pad. The rest was ok. Unfortunately I have no idea what is the bike manufacter. Maybe You can help me? Some pictures You can see HERE. New bike photos coming soon.


8 pictures of rainbow above Cracow: 800x600 pixels and 1024x768 pixels.

Some descriptions of my trips, unfortunately in Polish, were published at Please visit this site.

Clouds over Bieżanów

I made (7.02.2004) a short film from my window. I took about 340 pictures every 30 sec. Next I joined they in a short movie. Duration: 1 min 9 sec; size: 5.93 MB. Have a fast transfer :-)

About 4:00 p.m.      About 4:30 p.m.      About 17:50 p.m.

I bought a digital camera

Yes, I decided to buy a digital camera. I searched the Internet: web pages, news groups. I was also in two shops. Finally I bought Canon PowerShot A70. Here You can read some about this camera.
And here are the first gallery made of the new camera.

Logos for NOKIA cellurar phone

To download: Author
Firma Alpinus Ł.Zieliński
znowu Alpinus jw.
jeszcze raz firma Alpinus jw.
magazyn rowerowy jw.
ten sam magazyn jw.
światełka i nie tylko jw.
rowerki... jw.
rowerki... jw.
ochrona łepetyny jw.
rowerki... jw.
ochrona głowy jw.
hm... jw.
tylko dla twardzieli jw.
jak wyżej jw.
akcesoria jw.
akcesoria jw.
przeslij swoje logo to miejsce czeka na Twoje logo.
spakowane loga

Remember, I don't taka any responsibility if You damage Your phone. You play with Your phone on Your risk!

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