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 pictures: Pocahontas in bathroom with moustache in train after haircut
 name and surname:   Łukasz Zieliński
 nick:   -=[zieluk]=-
 born:   at the end of 70's XX century
 the sign of the zodiac:   Pisces
 born:   Cracow, Poland, Middle Europe
 I live in:   Frankfurt am Main, Germany
 education:   Master of Science, at faculty Chemical Engineering
  at Cracow Uniwersity of Technology
 wife:   only one, but very sweet :-)
 habits:   mountain and treking bike, interesting books
 ride style:   cross-country, touris-riding
 favorite's beer:   cold Żywiec
 newsgroups:   pl.rec.rowery (rowery=bicycle), pl.rec.regionalne.kraków (regionalne.krakow=region of Cracow)
,   pl.sci.chemia (chemia=chemistry), pl.sci.matematyka (matematyka=math)
,   sci.engr.chem, comp.lang.fortran,
 mailing group:   KrakRower

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